At ‘St.Peter’s School’ students have a wide variety of co-curricular activities to choose from. Their days are carefully structured to ensure that every hour is fruitfully spent. The opportunities to discover their talents and capabilities are boundless. The school has created a niche for itself with well equipped Computer labs, Science labs, Activity rooms, Library and sophisticated infrastructure.

Physical Training & Sports

With indoor and outdoor play grounds being provided, the school offers excellent sports facilities to its students. Each pupil takes part in sporting activities under the supervision of trained sport instructors.

Indoor games like Table-tennis, Badminton, Chess and Carom are made available. Other outdoor games like Basketball, Football, Throw ball, Volleyball, etc., are also taught.



The real skill is in the judgment of the spinning of the ball. Sweat it out with your opponent.

Table Tennis


Get ready to sweat it out. Toss the shuttle to a new game altogether. Nothing is as effective to keep pace with the real action.



Roll, pass, dribble basket… and there they learn the various intricacies of the game under the guidance of our coaches.



The real thrill is in the twists and turns. Zoom and skate around and enjoy the exercise in your own way.

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