Affiliated to I.C.S.E (Indian School Certificate Examination) Delhi, St. Peter’s School (Code KA-121) caters to the diverse capabilities of every student. Here the emphasis is on teaching students to think, evolving their own creative solutions while drawing upon the experience of teachers.The student teacher ratio is less than 30:1 ensuring personalizes attention.

We aim to ensure our teaching is child centered and that all our pupils make the most of their academic abilities. Through a regimen of excellent teaching and a pursuit of wide variety of co-curricular activities both on and off the field, students are encouraged to aim as high as possible, to enjoy their studies and to do well in examinations.

Structured and well supervised study is a necessary part of quality education. At present, the school offers education from Nursery to Grade X under the I.C.S.E stream. Admissions are restricted till Grade VII.

Kinder Garten

St. Peter's Kindergarten

St. Peter’s Kindergarten is a kindergarten with a difference offering an education with a ‘vision’. Playing, Learning and Enjoying every minute is our Motto. Every child is treated as precious gems and we help them to shine better and succeed in life. Various activities help the child to develop different motor skills which further help the child to cope up with the complex skills.

Our learning system offers a unique, child centered learning environment that can make a positive difference in every child’s life.

The play way method helps the child to learn in a very conducive atmosphere.

Subjects Taught

Subjects Taught

Under the I.C.S.E pattern, English, Social Studies and 2nd Language being compulsory and remaining 3 subjects are offered from option like Mathematics, Science, Computer Applications, Commerce, Economics, Art etc., in Grade IX. In the Primary classes English, Mathematics, Science, 2nd Language (Hindi/Kannada) are compulsory. There is continuous assessment of the students giving a chance of improvement. Co-curricular activities like music, dance, art and craft form an integral part of the curriculum.

Teaching Faculty

Teaching Faculty

The school boasts of highly qualified staff with a keen sense of dedicated and high level of commitment. The staff shares an amiable relationship with their students. The teacher is a friend, philosopher and a guide.Teachers are constantly upgraded of the latest teaching techniques to improve methodologies, skills and knowledge to stand among the rest.


Well ventilated, sunlit class-rooms create atmosphere in the institution. Thematic display boards not only add to the aesthetic value but also are instrumental in creating and nurturing the interest of the students in various subjects.

Science Labs

Well trained instructors in the Physics Lab, Biology Lab and Chemistry Lab give a cutting edge in the student’s quest for scientific excellence. The labs are well equipped as per the requirement of ICSE recommendations.

Computer Lab

The school is well equipped with two labs one for the juniors and the other one for the seniors with hi-tech computers which are capable of high resolution displays.


It is the heart of every institution. A spacious, well furnished and well stacked library captures the attention of everyone. It is managed by a qualified librarian.


A spacious auditorium which is instrumental in the smooth functioning of various activities, Competitions organized by the school has been provided.

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